AFTER THE SPILL introduces us to some of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill's most aggrieved victims as well as those who are desperately trying to save Louisiana's eroding coastline.



"AFTER THE SPILL documents the enormous price that society pays for its addiction to oil. This price is not paid equally by everyone; the people of coastal Louisiana know this all too well...If you care about environmental justice, our seafood, our dependence on oil, and the quality of our air and water, you will find this film relevant, insightful, and infuriating."
Daniel McCool, Professor of Political Science, University of Utah, Author of River Republic: The Fall and Rise of America's Rivers

"As one who lived through Deepwater Horizon and has studied its effects, this film should be mandatory to all natural resource managers, federal regulatory agencies, and politicians who push for more offshore oil/gas development in areas in reach of sensitive wetland resources that drive economic and cultural prosperity and those coastal communities that depend on these vital coastal resources."
Dr. Mark Peterson, Professor of Coastal Studies, University of Southern Mississippi, Co-author, Impacts of Oil Spill Disasters on Marine Habitats and Fisheries in North America

"AFTER THE SPILL demonstrates how far reaching and damaging the effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster, as well as the natural gas and oil extraction industries, have been...If the on-going catastrophe in the Gulf seems distant and abstract, watching AFTER THE SPILL will bring the oil spill story 'home' for viewers and call them to take action."
Dr. Lisa Eargle, Professor and Chair of Sociology, Francis Marion University, Co-editor, Black Beaches And Bayous: The BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster

"This documentary stars the people affected by not only the Deepwater Horizon oil spill but decades of natural and mad-made environmental degradation. AFTER THE SPILL is a lesson in Civics, Economics, History, and Anthropology demonstrating the imbalance in economic prosperity of our citizens and the continued degradation of the environment they live in."
Christopher Green, Associate Professor of Renewable Natural Resources, Louisiana State University, Co-author, Impacts of Oil Spill Disasters on Marine Habitats and Fisheries in North America

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